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Wife of medium describes her experience leaving her body and going to the spirit world

December  8, 1914

Mrs. Padgett describes the method used to communicate her thoughts to her husband

December  9, 1914

Helen describes her home in the third sphere and, the importance of seeking God’s love

November  30, 1914

Helen encourages her husband that great blessing will be conferred upon him in the spiritual work that he is to do


Grandmother of medium affirms that no impostors will be allowed to write through her grandson

April 5, 1915

Grandmother was nearly blind and deaf when on earth though not unhappy, and how worry can be removed

January 9, 1917

A description of some of the spheres

December 22, 1915

Ann Rollins’ experiences as a spirit, and a description of Jesus

May 13, 1915


Padgett was once a pupil of Professor Salyards, now the tables are reversed

February 8, 1916

Professor Salyards describes his entry into the spirit world and his spiritual progression

December 18, 1914

The various experiences of spirits when they arrive in the spirit world

February 25, 1915

The laws that govern the spirit world

April 13, 1915


Riddle has progressed to a new spiritual sphere, and he is seeking further progress

February 15, 1915

Heaven is a place as well as a condition of the soul

February 27, 1920

Riddle is in wonderment after seeing Jesus show his brightness and glory

September 27, 1915

JOHN WESLEY (1703 - 1719)

Wesley confirms that James Padgett has been chosen to be the writing instrument for Jesus’ truths

July 17, 1915

Wesley reassures Padgett not to worry about his material wants

September 30, 1915

Wesley attends the services over Padgett’s daughter’s remains

June 21, 1918

MARTIN LUTHER (1483 - 1546)

Luther describes the relationship that existed in his day between the laymen and the church officials

May 23, 1916

Luther is anxious that the truths that he now knows be made known to his followers

May 29, 1916

Luther has met the two Popes responsible for his trials, they have not progressed very far in the spirit world

August 28, 1916

The observance of the ceremonies still used in the Lutheran church are not approved by Jesus or God

June 29, 1916

Luther denies the efficacy of the eucharist, it is Jesus’ living and teaching and demonstrating the love in his soul, and how it can be obtained, that show the way to salvation

January 31, 1917

ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1809 – 1865)

The one-time president describes his home in the spirit world, and his great love for Jesus

January 5, 1916


Swedenborg writes on the hells of the spirit world

December 17, 1915

EMPEROR NERO (37 - 68 A.D.)

Nero's experience in the hells and his progress to the celestial heavens

January 16, 1917



SOCRATES (469 - 399 B.C.)

The Greek philosopher writes of his experiences and progress in the spirit world

July 8, 1915


Prophet of God tells of the importance that the Jews learn the truths proclaimed by Jesus

November 9, 1915

QUEEN ELIZABETH I (1553 - 1603)

A great queen in her day confesses freely to the violations that she has committed and reveals her soul is full of remorse

May 12, 1915

FRANCIS BACON (1561 - 1626)

Francis Bacon on the continuity of life after death

May 26, 1919

The limitations that mortal man places upon his perceptions of the laws governing the universe

January 6, 1919

Comments on an article written by James Hyslop on Christianity and Spiritualism in regards to the laws that operated in certain miracles of Jesus

November 20, 1918


John the Baptist is now the harbinger of the Master as he was on earth and confirms Jesus’ writing through Padgett

August 10, 1915

John writes about his life and ministry

March 3, 1955


Mary writes that Jesus was her and Joseph’s natural son

April 15, 1916

Jesus’ birth and youth as revealed by his mother



Joseph describes what happened after the remains of his son were put in the tomb

March 16, 1916


St. Peter writes on his leadership of the Christian movement

May 9, 1955


The Drama of St. Paul and his experience when on the earth

December 5, 1915

St. Paul says, that his thorn in the flesh was his doubt that at times that he was called to preach the truth of man’s salvation as taught by Jesus

June 28, 1915


The necessity for men to turn their thoughts to spiritual things

October 16, 1916

What is the fact in reference to the authenticity of the Bible?

March 12, 1917

Why Spiritualism as now taught does not satisfy the soul's longings

December 5, 1915


What does the spirit of a man do when it leaves the physical body for all eternity

May 29, 1916

The spirits who have only a little development of soul can help those who have even less development than themselves

November 23, 1915

How prayers are answered for material things

April 25, 1917

Importance that man must search and find the truth

May 12, 1916


Jesus explains his reasons why he selected the lawyer James Padgett to be his medium and mouth piece

October 25, 1918

God's truths may be understood by the simple, and do not require a highly developed mind

August 3, 1915

Jesus states his mission in communicating to the lawyer is his Second Coming to earth as was expected

December 2, 1915

The religion of the future will be a comprehensive and final one founded on the messages that James Padgett is receiving

November 6, 1917

There is no Devil or Satan considered as a real person or fallen angel

January 3, 1916

The importance of cultivating the soul perceptions; spiritual things cannot be perceived with the material mind

October 25, 1915

The way to Jesus' kingdom in the celestial heavens

May 15, 1917